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Making A Sale On Your humble Android Till


When you sign in you will be directed to the main till screen. This allows you to ring out products and start making sales straight away.

Ringing up a product on your humble till can be done in one of two ways – by scanning the product barcode or by adding it manually.

Using your Socket Mobile Scanner, scan the barcode of the product and it will automatically populate in the basket for you to carry on with the sale.

To add a product manually follow the steps below:

1. On the Till screen, navigate to and click on Add Product.


2. You will be greeted by a list of all the available products within your store.
In the search box, type the particular product you are looking for and click on that product.


3. You can also use the Favourites tiles to add an item to the basket quickly. Just tap on the tile in the Favourites section and the item will appear in the basket for you to continue with the sale.
4.  Once you have added all the products into the basket and you would like to conclude the sale, navigate to and click on Pay, found at the bottom, right hand side of the page.

5. Confirm with the customer how they will be paying for the transaction and click on that particular Tender type.


6. Once you have chosen the tender type the humble till will show the tender type and amount beneath the Sub Total. You can click inside the box to change the tender amount e.g if a customer pays for a R150 item with a R200 note, the cash received box should show 200.00 and a change amount of 50.00 will show at the bottom of the screen


7. Once the tender amount has been added, you can complete the sale by tapping Complete Sale

If the incorrect amount has been tendered, the till will prompt you that more tender needs to be added. If you persist and click on the tab, the system will prompt you that you that the Tender Amount is less than the Sale Amount.  

If the amount tendered is more than the sale amount, a figure will appear next to Change Given at the bottom of the screen. This is how much you will need to give back to the customer.

8. Once the sale is complete, the humble till will offer you the option of ringing up a New Sale, Email Receipt, Print Receipt or Lock Till. If you had to give a customer change, this will also show on the screen



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