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Completing a sale using SnapScan on your humble Till on Android:

To complete a sale using SnapScan on your humble Till on your PC or Mac, follow the below steps:
On the Till screen add your product to the basket by selecting it from the product list or by scanning the barcode.



Once you have added all the products into the basket and you would like to continue the sale, navigate to and click on Pay, found at the bottom, right hand side of the page.

Confirm with the customer how they will be paying for the transaction. Click on Add SnapScan if the customer will be paying with SnapScan.

A SnapScan QR code will appear on your screen and can be scanned directly from the screen or you can print a Pro Forma Invoice with a QR code for the customer to then scan. 
Important:  Please use the QR code generated by the Till, not the generic code provided by SnapScan in order for the payment to reflect on your Till.



Confirm the amount that is being paid by the customer.
Once the payment has been received you will be taken back to the Till screen. Tap Check Out again and the payment will be reflecting on the Check Out screen. To conclude the sale, tap Complete Sale.


Once the sale is complete, the humble till will offer you the option of ringing up a New Sale, Email Receipt, Print Receipt or Lock Till. 

If you need help or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team on
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