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Receive on Customer Account on Android Till



The humble Till allows you to accept payments from customers who buy on account. Follow the steps below to receive a payment for an account.


1. Select Payments at the bottom of the till screen, then select Receive on Customer Account


2. A screen will appear where you can add the payment details. Tap Select Customer to bring up your Customer List. Select the correct customer from the list.




3. You need to add a Reference for the transaction, add the amount that the customer is paying. You will need to select the method of payment that the customer used to pay. The options available are Cash, Card and EFT



6. Once you have added all the payment details and you are satisfied that everything is correct, tap on Accept Payment to process the transaction. The till will print two slips, one Merchant Copy for the customer to sign, your Cashier needs to keep this slip. The other slip is a customer copy



7. The till will bring up a confirmation once the payment has been processed successfully.


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    Receive on Customer Account on Android Till

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