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Adding Products To Your humble Android Till



Follow the steps below to add a new product in the humble Till App:

1.     Click on the Settings Tab.



2.     Click on the Products Tab.



3.     At the Top right of the screen, click on Add Product



4.     Fill in the Product Details

  • CODE –                     Unique code differentiating products
  • Description  -           Product description or Product name
  • Barcodes -               Input the code, if you would like to create a Barcode 
  • Category –              Category product belongs in
  • Unit –                      The unit of measure for the item
  • Serial Product –      Mark if the product is serialised
  • Cost –                     Enter product cost amount
  • Sell Incl –               Enter product selling price (including VAT if applicable)
  • Gross Profit –         Highlights the GP amount
  • Gross Profit % -     Highlights the GP amount by percentage
  • VAT % -                  Populates the standard VAT amount
  • Virtual Product –    Tick to mark product as Virtual or untick to make item                                                                      Physical
  • Product Type –       Choose what measurement the product appears in
  • Print Label –           Print label when product is created
  • Screenshot_2017-03-17-12-34-05.png


NB- CODE and Description are compulsory fields, you will not be able to save a new product without these fields
5. Once you have entered in all the product details, click on Save at the bottom of the screen. The item will now appear in your product list
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