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Customising your receipts Android Till


If you would like to customise the details that appear on your receipts, you can do this quickly and easily from your humble Till by following these steps:


1. Select Settings from the main till menu



2. Select Sites on the menu on the left of your screen then select the site you are currently logged in to



3. On this screen you can edit the store details. Once you've updated all the information just click Save 



4. If you would like to add additional  information such as a message to customers or your website address you can do this by adding Receipt Lines to the top or bottom of your slip. To do this start by selecting Settings



5. Under General, select  Set custom Receipt Lines



6. You will be directed to a screen with the headings "Top Lines" and "Bottom Lines". To add lines select one of the headings, then tap on Add Top/Bottom Line located in the right corner of the page



7. A pop up box will appear where you can type in the required information. You can add as many lines as you need to but the characters on each line are limited to 40 characters to enable the text to fit on your receipt




8. When you tap Add Line, your new receipt line will show under your selected heading and will now print on your slips. Select the Back arrow to exit the screen



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