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How to Refer the humble Till and Earn


The humble Till now gives you the opportunity to earn real cash rewards for referring customers to humble.

Refer and Earn allows you to refer a customer to humble by entering their email address in the Refer section of the Till. If your referral signs up for a humble Till Trial and later converts to a humble Till Subscription you will receive a cash reward per sign up.


For 1 to 5 converted referrals you will receive R250.00 per referral

For 6 to 9 converted referrals you will receive R500.00 per referral

From 10 referrals onwards you will receive R750.00 per referral


To view the full Refer and Earn Terms And Conditions, please click here:


If you would like to refer someone to humble, please follow the steps below:


1. On the Till select the Refer tab at the top of the screen

2. On the screen you will need to enter in your email address in the field marked “Your Email”

3. You will need to enter in the email address of the person you are referring in the field marked “Your friend’s email”

4. To complete the referral click on Send Email. The system will now send an email to the person you are referring to let them know that you would like them to try the humble Till. There is a link on the email that they can use to sign up for humble.


NB: In order for the referral to be successful, any client that you refer to humble must use the same e-mail address that you entered when referring the client to humble. If the client does not use the same e-mail address when signing up with humble, humble will not link your referral to the client and unfortunately you will not receive any reward.

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