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On the spreadsheet, there are some rules that need to be adhered to.

  • Please do not edit any of the headings on the spreadsheet. The column headings and the order of the columns must not be changed.
  • If the customer is adding new items, the ID column must be left blank. The system will generate the IDs when the import is completed.
  • The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit, also known as Stock Code) is a compulsory field. Each SKU must be unique. We will not be able to import if there are any blank or duplicated SKUs on the spreadsheet.
  • The Description is a compulsory field. This will be the name displayed on the slip when an item is sold. Try to make the descriptions as descriptive and unique as possible.
  • In the Cost Price column, please enter the cost excluding VAT. If the item does not have a cost price, please put a 0 in the block.
  • In the Selling Price column, please enter the price including VAT. If the item does not have a selling price please put a 0 in the block.
  • In the Tax column you do not need to calculate the rand value of the VAT for your items, you just need to put 14 in the column if the item has VAT, 0 if the item has zero-rated VAT and leave the space blank if the item has No VAT. The system will automatically calculate the VAT figure when the import is completed.
  • You can include up to three barcodes for each item on the spreadsheet. If you items do not have barcodes you can leave this section blank.
  • If you would like to include a unit of measure on your items e.g. m, kg, g, ml etc, you can add this in the Unit column. Otherwise you can leave this column blank.
  • Please ensure that the spelling of your Category and Supplier names is correct to avoid unnecessary duplication
  • In the On Hand column you can include the current On Hand value of the item. When the import is processed, this figure will be updated as the current Stock on Hand figure.

Once complete, please email your spreadsheet to and we will gladly import this into your humble Till.

The Spreadsheet is attached for download below 

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