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Create a Pro-Forma/ quote on your humble Till:

You can create a pro-form or quote for a customer that can be either emailed to them or printed in store.

Follow these simple steps:


On the Till Tab of your humble Till, simply add the items that you would like to include in the pro-forma or quotation for your customer.

You can do this by either tapping the product on your favorite screen, scanning the products barcode or by simple simply searching for and adding the product using the Add Product Tab.




To add a note, email address or telephone number to the pro-forma or quotation, simply tap on the 'pencil' in the top right hand corner of your sale basket. Once you have added all the details, simply click on the 'Save' button .




You can also assign a customer to the pro-forma or quotation.

Simply click on Add Customer in the top left hand corner of your sales basket and from the drop down list of customers select the one you are doing a pro-forma or quotation for.





If it is a new customer simply click on Add Customer in the top right hand corner and enter in the customers details, once complete simply click Save.




Once you have added any notes and or assigned a customer to the pro-forma or invoice, simply tap on the Pay button in the bottom right hand corner to proceed.




You can now simply print the pro-forma or quotation to your receipt printer or  your A4 Printer by clicking on Print Forma.




The pro-forma or quotation can be emailed directly to the customer, simply click on Send Pro-Forma.

Enter in the customers email address and their name and click on Ok.




Once you have printed or emailed the pro-forma or quote, simply click on the 'Close' in the top right hand corner, this will then take you back to the Till Tab.




From here you can either remove the entire sale, by simply clicking on the 'pencil' in the top right hand corner of your sale basket and then clicking on remove Basket.




Otherwise, you can simply store the sale with a unique reference and complete the sale once the customer returns to your store.

To store the sale, simply click on 'Store Sale' on the bottom of your Till Tab and enter in the unique reference and then click 'Store Sale'

The sale will then disappear from your Till Tab, and has been stored.





When the customer returns, simply click on 'Load Sale' select the sale you have stored and then complete the sale.

It is that easy.




Attached is a copy of what a pro-forma or quotation looks like.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don not hesitate to contact our support team on


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