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Create customised tender types on your humble Till:

Payment tenders allows a business to keep track of the multiple ways your customers can pay for products or services in your store. Whether you accept Cash, Card, EFTs and or SnapScan, you can add these tender types to bring better control to the money moving through your humble Till in your business. 

The humble Till will create have the Cash, Card, Account and SnapScan tenders as default. For all other payment methods, you can set up a customized tender type.

To do this, from your Till Tab on the humble Till, click on Settings at the top of your screen.





Click on General in the top left hand corner of your screen, and then navigate to an click on Custom Tender Types on the bottom of your screen.




Once you are in Tender Types, click on Add Tender Type in the top right hand corner of your screen.





Start by adding a Description for your new tender type and select the category the new tender type will assigned too

i.e. Zapper - Card or EFT - EFT

The category types for your custom tenders include Account/ BluMobi/ Card/ EFT and SnapScan and this will determine how the tender is handled during a cash up at the end of your business day. It is recommended that for all other custom tender types, other than EFT, that the Card Category be selected.

Important: You can even create more than one payment button for each payment type, for example, Credit Card - Visa, Credit Card - AMEX, Credit Card - Mastercard.

Once complete, tap on Add Tender Type to create the new tender to your humble Till.




The new tender will now appear in your list of available tender types, and can now be used to complete sales on your humble Till.




Add items to your sale and then click on Pay in the bottom right hand corner of your Till screen. A list off all your tenders will appear, simply tap on the applicable tender (i.e. Zapper) and then click on Complete Sale.




When you start a cash up at the end of your business day, the humble Till will continue to ask you for your total cash amount available in your cash drawer less your float, once entered click next and the humble Till will automatically populate the amounts for your custom tenders.




The reports in your humble Till will also reflect the tender types used to complete sales on your humble Till.




If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don't hesitate to contact our support team on

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