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Setting up your humble Till on your iPad:

Firstly, have you have signed up for your humble Till on our website ? If not, you can visit our website and sign up.
The humble Till on your iPad and you need to download the App. If you have a brand new iPad click here to see how to set your iPad up.

Navigate to and click on the App Store on your iPad and search for the humble Till App in the search box in the top right hand corner, once you have found it, simply click Install.
Alternatively you can download the App directly to your iPad from here.

Once you have downloaded the humble Till app, sign in to your humble Till using your login details you signed up with: 


Connecting your Hardware

The below guide should help you getting your hardware setup and running a little easier.


The receipt printer/s that are compatible with the humble Till include the Epson TM-T20 Ethernet/ Epson TM-T88 Ethernet/ Epson TM-M30 Ethernet as well as the Epson TM-M30 Bluetooth/ Star Micronics SM-T300i Bluetooth and Star Micronics TSP650 Bluetooth
The Epson Ethernet Thermal Printers will need to have DHCP enabled on the Printer. If you have purchased your printer directly from us? We’ve already enabled DHCP for you already.
To learn how to enable DHCP on your Epson Printer, click here.

Plug one end of your ethernet cable into one of the ethernet ports on your WiFi router.
Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into the Epson Thermal Printer. The Ethernet port on your Epson Printer is the middle port.

Plug the power cable into the power point on the printer and into your stores plug point.

Turn the power switch on.

On your iPad, make sure you are connected to the WiFi network created by your wireless router.

Open the humble Till app, navigate to and click on the Settings Tab.


Navigate to and click on Receipt Printer Settings.

You are able to customize the Printer Settings to suit your store:
Use email Receipts: This will create a pop up to email a receipt to a client at the end of each sale.

Use A4 Receipts: By ticking this it allows you to print and A4 sized invoice using your existing A4 printer. Please note that the A4 printer needs to be AirPrint enabled.

Use Receipt Printer: Ticking this allows you to print receipts via the Receipt Printer setup with your humble Till
Number of Receipts: You can set the number of receipts you want to be printed on completion of a sale.
Receipt Number Prefix: Customize the prefix you would like printed on your receipts e.g. INV/ ORD
Next Receipt Number: You can set the next receipt number to be printed on the receipt e.g. 1000/ 2000.
Use Cash Drawer: If ticked and the cash drawer is connected to your receipt printer on completion of a cash sale the cash drawer will automatically kick open for you to put the money in.
Prompt to Open Cash Drawer: If this ticked and the cash drawer is connected to your receipt printer on completion of a cash sale a pop up will appear to confirm if you would like the cash drawer to open on completion of a cash sale.
Double Font on Receipts:
Double Font on Kitchen Receipts:
Print Kitchen Slip to all Kitchen Printers:
Add Tip Space on Pro Forma:

Printer Setup
Click on the Receipt Printers line:
Click on Add Receipt Printer in the bottom left of the screen:
A list of all the compatible printers with the humble Till will appear:
Select the printer you currently have in-store and the humble Till will start searching for the printer
Once the printer is found, a slip with the IP address will print from the printer and the printer details will appear on your screen.
Tap on the printer name and select "Set Main Slip Printer" to save the printer as your main slip printer. The system does allow you to set up multiple printers if required.

Cash Drawer Setup

Turn your printer power off.

Plug the cable into the cash drawer port on the receipt printer and into the cash drawer.


Turn the printer power on. Your cash drawer is now set up.

If you have any questions or need help in setting up your humble Till hardware, feel free to contact our support team on
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