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Setting Up Your Brother Label Printer On your Mac:

Please follow the below steps to enable your Brother QL720 NW Label Printer to connect to your WiFi network via Mac.

Insert the Installer CD into your CD-ROM Drive. Please ensure that you have Java installed on your computer or laptop, if not you will be prompted to install Java from the App Store.

Once the disk is running, a pop up screen will appear. Click on "Start Here OSX"

If you do not have the CD available, you can download the necessary software from here




The next screen will be the start of the installation. Click "Continue"


The License Agreement will appear on the screen, please read it carefully. Once you've finished reading, click "Continue"



A screen will appear to confirm if you agree to the License Agreement terms, click "Agree" to continue.



You will be shown a screen to select a destination to store the Brother Label Printer software. It should be showing the available space on your hard drive, click "Continue" to continue.



The next screen will begin the installation. Click on "Install" to start installing the software.


Once the installation is complete, you should see this screen



Once the software has been installed, go to the main disk menu and click on "Utilities". A second box will appear, in this box click on " Wireless Device Setup Wizard".


A new screen will appear for you to select the method you will use to set up your printer. Select "Yes, I have a USB cable to use for installation". Make sure you use the grey USB cable found in your Brother Label Printer box. Click Next.


An "Important Notice" screen will appear. Please make sure you read the notice and verify your WiFi name and password as you will need that information in the coming steps. Once you have verified the information, tick the "Checked and Confirmed" box, then click "Next".


You will now need to connect your printer to your computer using the grey USB cable. Once this is done, click "Next".



The next screen should begin an automatic search for all the available WiFi networks. This should take about a minute or so. 


Once the available networks are displayed, select your WiFi network and then click "Next"

On the following screen you will need to enter in your WiFi password. Once this is done, click "Next".



Confirm the WiFi settings and click "Next".

Once complete, navigate to the humble Till App on your iPad. When you have logged on click on the "Settings" tab.




Click on General Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page and ensure that Use Label Printer is ticked.




You will be prompted by a Pop Up window. Tap "Ok".




 You are now able to print barcode labels for your products via the humble Till App.

To test that you are able to print a barcode.

Navigate to the Settings Tab on the humble Till App followed by clicking on Products. Click on the first product on your list. If you are able to print barcodes using your Barcode Label Printer, there will be an Action Key in the Top, Centre of your screen. Click and choose "Print Labels" followed by the amount of Labels you would like to print. 

If you have any questions or need help with anything feel free to contact our support team on
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