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Pairing Your Socketmobile Scanner To Your humble Till:

Follow these steps to pair your Socketmobile Scanner with your iPad. Selling products from your humble Till just became that much easier.

Before using your Socketmobile Scanner for the first time, ensure that you insert the batteries and complete a full charge.

Turn your Socketmobile Scanner on and scan the barcode to enable iOS Mode from your Socketmobile Quick Start Guide booklet. Your scanner will beep 3 times once this has been done successfully.



Scanning this barcode enables the Socketmobile Scanner to pair with the Apple Device. To download a full list of the Socketmobile Command Barcodes, please download the User Guide attached below. The barcode is located on Page 21.

Press hold the power button down to switch the scanner off and then turn it back on again.

Navigate to and click on the Settings Icon on your iPad.



On the left hand side of the screen, navigate to and click on Bluetooth.

Enable the bluetooth on your iPad. Once enabled an automatic device search will begin.



Select Socket CHS (xxxxxx) in the list of found devices, and click on the device.

The characters in brackets are the last 6 characters of the CHS Bluetooth Address. This address can be found on a label in the CHS battery compartment, underneath the device.


Your scanner will beep once when it has connected with your iPad and is ready to scan your products barcodes.

Navigate to an click on the humble Till App. Wait for 5-10 seconds on the Till screen.

The scanner will beep once and “One Scanner” will appear in the bottom, right hand corner when the devices are connected.



What to do if your Socketmobile Scanner is not scanning: 

Ensure that your Socketmobile Scanner is/ has been charged ?

Check that the Socketmobile Scanner is paired and connected to the iPad via Bluetooth in Settings ?

Check to see that the Scanner is appearing on the Till screen ?

If the scanner is still not scanning, you can scan the Factory Reset barcode as seen below. This barcode is available in your Socketmobile Quick Start Guide attached below, it is on Page 23.



Once you have scanned the Factory Reset barcode the scanner will beep 6 times and power off. On your iPad, you will need to "Forget" the paired scanner by accessing the iPad Settings, selecting Bluetooth, selecting the "i" icon next to the device name and then selecting "Forget This Device".

This will remove the paired scanner and allow you to re-pair after the Factory Reset.



You will need to turn the scanner on and then scan the barcode to enable iOS mode from the Socketmobile Quick Start Guide on Page 21.



You can follow the same steps listed in the top section of this article to pair your scanner with the iPad.

Once paired, you can log into your humble Till and check if the scanner appears on the Till screen. You should now be able to scan barcodes into your humble Till.


If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don't hesitate to contact our support team on

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