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Restricting user access on your humble webTill:

With the humble Web Till it is possible to restrict users from accessing certain parts of your humble webTill.

From the webTill Home Screen click on Settings:


Once you are in Settings, click on Users. A list of Users registered on the humble Till will appear, find the appropriate user and click.


All users can have access to all areas of the humble webTill:
  • Allow Sale: Allows the user to ring up sales
  • Allow Suppliers: Gives the user access to Suppliers in the Settings Tab.
  • Allow Add Customers: Allows a user to create a new customer.
  • Allow Edit Customers: Restricts users ability to edit or update existing customer details from within Settings. 
  • Allow General: Allows access to General Settings in the Settings Tab.
  • Allow Stock: Gives access to the Stock Tab
  • Allow Products: Allows access to the Products Tab in Settings (Please note that if a User does not have access to Products, they will not be able to change a Selling Price or give a Discount to a line item on the Till Screen)
  • Allow Sale Discount: Allows a user to apply a discount to an overall sale.
  • Allow Item Discount: Allows a user to apply a discount to an item/s or change the selling price.
  • Allow Delete Sale: Restricts users ability to delete an entire sale.
  • Allow Delete Sale Item: Restricts users ability to delete an item from a sale.
  • Allow All Stored Sales: Allows for a user to view All stored sales within a store, instead of just stored sales created by specific user.
  • Allow Reports: Gives access to the Reports Tab.
  • Allow Store Switching/Superuser: Allows a user to switch between stores.
  • Allow Users: Allows a user to view other users profiles.
  • Allow Manual Product: Disables the ability to add an item from Add Products (Products can only be added to a sale by using the favourites tabs.
  • Allow Transfer Cost Change: Allows a user to update cost and selling price within a stock transfer between stores.
  • Allow Search Sales: If unticked, a user would not be able to see all the sales completed within a day, they would require to enter in the specific Receipt Number to reprint/ return or email the receipt.
  • Allow Reprint: Allows a user to reprint a kitchen receipt.
  • Active: Make a user active or inactive



To alter the users access, simply remove the tick from the specific tab, followed by clicking Save .

The user will only be able to access the parts of the till that they have permission to view.
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