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Creating and adding a new user on your humble webTill:

Setting up a new user in the humble webTill is a simple process, just follow these simple steps 

Click on the Setting Tab on the home screen.

Scroll and click on Users on the left hand side of your screen and then select Add User in the top right hand corner.

Enter in all the information for the new user, including:
First Name - The first name of the user.

Last Name - The last name of the user.

Last Name - The last name of the user

Email - An email address the new user will use to login to the humble Till. 

Password  - Select a password the user will use to login.

Please make note of the PIN as you will need to provide this PIN to the user. This is the PIN that your users can use to log into the till. Also, please ensure that each new user is added to your humble Till with a unique email address. 

​Choose the access you would like your staff member to have access to by ticking next to the below tabs.

Allow Basket: Allows the user to ring up sales

Allow Community: Gives the user access to Customers and Suppliers in the Settings Tab.

Allow General: Allows access to General Settings in the Settings Tab.

Allow Move: Gives access to the Inventory Tab

Allow Products: Allows access to Products in Settings (includes discounts and changing selling prices on the Till screen)

Allow Reports: Gives access to the Reports Tab.

Live: Allows the user access to login to the humble Till. 



Once you have completed entering all the new staff members details and choosing their access, simply click on Save at the bottom of the page. Your new User will now appear in your users list.

If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate to contact our support team on
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