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Pulling a Report From Your humble Till:

Having accurate reports that are available at your fingertips is important for your business. It allows you to make concise decisions at important times. Your humble till allows you to pull specific reports, wherever you are and with just a few clicks.

On the humble till homepage navigate to and click on Reports.
By doing this, you have access to a host of reports relating to your store/s, depending on the information you are looking for.
The available report sub-headings offer you a host of reports relating to:

  • Gross Profit
  • Gross Profit by Sales Person
  • Gross profit by Sales Person by product
  • Sales Audit Trail
  • Sales Daily Summary
  • Sales Per Customer
  • Customer Statement
  • Sales by Supplier
  • Top Selling Items
  • Top Customers
  • Customer Purchase Summary
  • Customer purchase Details  
  • Adjustment Reprint
  • Transfer
  • In Stock
  • Item Audit
  • Serial Age Analysis
  • Serial Item Audit
  • Serials In Stock
  • Stock Take
  • Stock Take Adjustment
  • Supplier Summary
  • Supplier Transaction Reprint
  • Supplier Order Reprint3
  • Item Ingredients
Cash Up
  • Cash Up Reprint
  • Cash Up Summary
  • Payments
  • SnapScan Payments 
  • Staff Audit Log

Choose a sub-heading, followed by the specific report that you would like to view. 


If applicable and you have more than one store, choose the store that you would like to see a report for. 
Next, select the date range you would like to view in your report.
Once you have selected the specific report parameters simply navigate to and click on either View As PDF or View As Excel.


The Report will appear in either a PDF or Excel, depending on which option you selected.
You have the option of emailing this report or printing it directly by tapping the action key in the top right corner.
If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don't hesitate to contact our support team on
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