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Adding a new customer on your humble Till:

You can create customers on your humble Till which can the be allocated to cash sales or used to complete account sales. Follow these steps to add a new customer to your humble Till.

On the Till Tab click on the Settings Tab.
Navigate to and click on Customers, located on the left hand side of your screen.

Navigate to the top right of the page and click on the tab Add Customer.


The Customer details screen will open up.

Name: Enter in the name of the new customer.

Contact Person: Enter the contact person of the new customer.

Contact Number: Input a contact number for the new customer either land line or mobile.

Email: Enter in an email address for the new customer.

Tax Reference: Input the new customers tax number.

Company: enter in the company name of the new customer.

Customer Field: Enter in a unique identifier for the new customer. i.e. Number Plate, Customer Code.


Navigate to and click on Add Customer at the bottom of the screen once you have entered in all the new customer details.






Your new Customer has now been created and saved and you can allocate a cash sale or account sale to this customer.




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