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Adding A Barcode To Your Products On Your humble Till:

Now that all your products are on your humble Till, you can also add barcodes to these products to make ringing them up a little quicker.

Follow the below steps to add a barcode to your product:

In the humble Till App, navigate to and click on the Settings Tab.

On the left hand side of your screen, click on the Products Tab.

Search for the product you wish to add a barcode to by typing the product name in the search box.
Once you have found the product, click on it.

Once the product details are showing, navigate and click on Add 


Tap on Add Barcode then either scan or type in the barcode for the product.

     Once you have added the barcode, click "Add".

6. Once you have added the barcode to your product, navigate to and click on "Close" in the top right hand corner of the screen.
7. Your product will now display that it has a barcode saved. Navigate to and click on "Close".

8. You have saved a barcode to your product.

    Add this product to your Over-The-Counter Basket by simply scanning the barcode.
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