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Processing a Refund On Your humble Till:

Customer incorrectly purchased the wrong item ? You can follow these steps to complete a refund using your humble Till.

Click "Add Product" to search for and add the item to the 'sale' or you can click the item from the favorites or by simply scan the barcode of the product.
Once the product has been added, swipe to the left until you reach the quantity amount from the original sale. Or you could click on Quantity and set it to a negative quantity.

Once you have set the quantity to a negative, the sale line in the basket will become red and indicate that you are now completing a refund.
Navigate to and click on "Pay" in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
Choose the same tender type from the original sale.

The Sub Total line will show a negative amount. Below it there will be an amount for Cash Refunded and Total Refunded.

Once added, navigate to and click on "Complete Sale". The change amount displayed, is the amount due back to the customer.
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