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Processing A Refund on Your humble webTill



Follow the below steps to complete a refund using your humble webTill.

1. Click "Add Product" to your Over-The- Counter Basket.

2. Using the Search Box, type in the product name that you would like to do a refund on. Once you have found it, click and add it to your Over-The-Counter Basket.

3. Once the product has been added, click on the " - " sign. The item will now show as a negative, and the word refund will appear in red

4.  Click on Checkout in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

5. Choose the Tender Type from the original sale e.g. if the original sale was sold out as Card, you need to select Add Card when processing the refund. If you do not select a Tender type, the amount for the refund will automatically be deducted from your Cash takings for the day.


6. Once the tender is added, navigate to and click on "Complete Sale"

7. The negative Tendered Total is the amount due back to the customer.
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    base sekanka

    Thanks for the help , i now know how to use refund method .

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