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Adding favourites to your humble webTill:

On the humble Till you are able to use the area on the left side of your screen to add products as favourites.

These can be products that you sell regularly or products that you would like to add to a sale quickly and easily without having to search through your product list.

To add either a favourite categories and or a product favourite to this section, click on the cog icon on the top right hand corner of your favourites screen. This will enable edit mode where you can now add or remove favourites.




To add a favourites category, click on the + icon at the top of the favourites section




Your categories list will appear, please select the required category.




The category name will now appear on your screen. To add favourites to this category on your till screen, click on the + icon in the grey box beneath the category name.




Your product list will appear, you can search for and add the required product from the drop down list. Once you click on the product, it will be added as a favourite on your humble Till screen.

You can repeat this process to add as many products and categories as you need.




If you would like to delete an item from the favourites, just click on the dustbin icon next to the product name and that product will be removed. If you would like to delete a Category, click on the dustbin icon next to the category name and this will remove both the favourites category and any products that were in that category.

Important: Deleting the favourite categories or favourite products will not delete these products from your product list. It just removes them from the favourites section on your till screen.





To save the changes you have made, click on the green tick icon in the top right hand corner of your favourite screen and your favourites are now saved to your humble Till screen.




To add these products to a sale, simply click on the product favourite and the product will be added to your sale.




Included below is a video on how to add favourites to your humble webTill



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