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Completing a stock take on your humble webTill:

Stock takes help you to keep track of your inventory.

During an stock take, you and your staff count and record each item in your store. When the stock take is submitted, your store's on-hand quantities are updated, and you will receive a report of any unexpected variances in your inventory levels, including cost figures.

Stock takes help you to keep on top of your inventory movements and identify any discrepancies faster.

Important: It is possible to perform the same inventory count from multiple devices, however, we do not recommend this. If you do choose to perform an inventory count on multiple devices, it is very important that you save the count on each device before completing and that you only complete the count on one device.

Too start a Stock take on your humble webTill, select the Stock Tab located at the top of the screen.



From the Stock screen navigate and select the Stock Take button located on bottom left hand side of the screen, a screen will appear where you can select the green tab Start Stock Take.



An Initilaizing Stock Take screen will appear while your new stock take is loading and being created.


You will then be presented with the main screen of your stock take which details how far into your stock take you are, along with the number of items you need to count.



To start counting the products within your store, select the View Items tab at the bottom of the screen.

You will then be presented with a list of your products with the on-hand value of each product when the stock take was started.




You can select to not show items in the stock take that are currently sitting with a zero on-hand quantity. 

Just untick the box: Show Zero Quantities, you will now only see items with either a positive or negative on-hand quantity within the stock take.





You also have the option of selecting just a specific categories items to show in a specific stock take.

Click on the search tab and select a specific category from the drop down list.




Once a specific category has been selected, only the items within this category will show in the stock take.

To continue with the stock take, click on the on hand quantity on the right hand side of the product. You can then enter the quantity you have counted for that product by either clicking on Enter Count and manually adding the on-hand quantity, alternatively click on the + or - to increase or decrease the counted quantity.

Click outside the counter box to return to the products screen.


Depending on the quantity you capture, you will see one of three options, either a heading showing Under with **/ Over with ** or Counted ** Correctly - This makes it easier to identify any differences you may have in the amount counted against what should be on-hand.

Once you have finished counting your products, close the Stock Take items screen by selecting Back To Dashboard



Once you have counted all your product and investigated any variances, click on the Complete button in the bottom right of your screen to process the Stock Take.

A pop up box will appear to confirm you would like to complete the stock take, select Process Take to continue or cancel to go back and make changes.





12. Once you have completed your stock take a PDF report will be generated and downloaded in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. The quantities counted and entered into your stock take will be updated.





If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don't hesitate to contact our support team on

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