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Adding a new user to your humble Till:

Recently hired someone new ? You can create a new user on your humble Till for them to use to login. Having each user login separately allows for you to track the amount of sales per user.
On the Till Screen click on the Settings Tab.

On the left hand side of your screen, click on Users.


Navigate to the top right corner and click on Add to start creating a new user.


Fill in the new users details:

First Name - The first name of the new user.

Last Name - The last name of the new user.

Email -  Current email address the user will use to login with. This email address must be unique, but, does not have to be a valid email address.

Password - Set the password of the new user which will be used to login with and must be a minimum of 6 characters, can be all letters or all numbers.

Cashier Pin: This is a 4 digit cashier pin that is automatically created and is used to login to the humble Till as a quicker alternative to entering in the username and password.

By default, all users have access to all areas of the humble Till, however, you can restrict user access by removing the ticks next to the sections you do not want the new user to have access to.

Allow Basket: Allows User to make sales.

Allow Community: Enables the User to access Customers and Suppliers in Settings.

Allow General: Allows access to General Settings in the Settings Tab.

Allow Move: Gives access to the Stock Tab

Allow Products: Allows access to the Products section in Settings (Please note that if a User does not have access to Products they will not be able to apply a Discount or change the Selling Price on the Till screen)

Allow Reports: Gives access to the Reports Tab.

Allow Users: Enables the User to access the Users section in Settings.




 Once you are done, click on Add User to save the new users profile and can be used to login.




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