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Adding A New User To Your humble webTill:

Setting up a new user in the humble webTill is a simple process, just follow these simple steps 
Click on the Setting Tab on the home screen.

 Scroll and click on Users on the left hand side.

Click on Add User


4. Enter in all information, including:

  • First Name - The first name of the user
  • Last Name - The last name of the user
  • Email         - Current email address the user will use to login with 
  • Password  - The password the user will login with

Please make note of the PIN as you will need to provide this PIN to your new user, this is the Cashier PIN that your users can use to log into the till. Also, please ensure that each new user is added to your humble Till with a unique email address. 

All users can have access to all areas of the humble webTill:
  • Allow Basket: Allows the user to ring up sales
  • Allow Community: Gives the user access to Customers and Suppliers in the Settings Tab.
  • Allow General: Allows access to General Settings in the Settings Tab.
  • Allow Move: Gives access to the Stock Tab
  • Allow Items: Allows access to the Products Tab in Settings (Please note that if a User does not have access to Products, they will not be able to change a Selling Price or give a Discount to a line item on the Till Screen)
  • Allow Sale Discount: Allows a user to apply a discount to an overall sale.
  • Allow Reports: Gives access to the Reports Tab.
  • Allow Store Switching/Superuser: Allows a user to switch between stores.
  • Allow Manual Product: Disables the ability to add an item from Add Products (Products can only be added to a sale by using the favourites tabs.
  • Allow Search Sales: If unticked, a user would not be able to see all the sales completed within a day, they would require to enter in the specific Receipt Number to reprint/ return or email the receipt. 



Once you have completed entering all the new staff members details and choosing their access, simply click on Save at the bottom of the page. Your new User will now appear in your users list
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