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Restricting User Access On Your humble webTill


With the humble Web Till it is possible to restrict users from accessing certain parts of your humble webTill.

1. From the webTill Home Screen click on Settings 

2. Once you are in Settings, click on Users. A list of Users registered on the humble Till will appear, find the appropriate user and click.

3. All users can have access to all areas of the humble webtill.
  • Allow Basket:          Allows the user to ring up sales
  • Allow Community:  Gives the user access to Customers and Suppliers in the Settings Tab.
  • Allow General:        Allows access to General Settings in the Settings Tab.
  • Allow Move:            Gives access to the Stock Tab
  • Allow Items:      Allows access to the Products Tab in Settings (Please note that if a User does not have access to Products, they will not be able to change a Selling Price or give a Discount on the Till screen)
  • Allow Reports:       Gives access to the Reports Tab.
To alter the users access, simply remove the tick from the specific tab, followed by clicking Save .

4. The user will only be able to access the parts of the till that they have permission to view.
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    Nina Stegmann

    Hi Faieq

    Thank you, what is the Allow Move tab for? I don't quite understand when it says Gives access to the Inventory Tab what does this do?

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