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Setting up the humble Till on your Android device

1. Navigate to the Play store on your Android device, search for humble till under the apps section of the store . Download the humble till app to your device. 

2. Once the humble till app has finished downloading, click on the open tab, you can now log into your store using your email and password created on signing up. An icon of the humble till will be added to your home screen for easy access.

3. Once you have logged in to your Till with your email and password, you will need to select your store.
4. Before you start trading, you will need to set up your Receipt Printer. The humble Android Till can be paired with the Epson TM-T20 Ethernet Printer. On the till home screen select Printer Setup
5. When you set up your Printer for the first time, the top section of the screen will say "No Printers Currently Installed". The bottom section will show the IP addresses of all the printers available on your WiFi network. Select the IP address of your Epson TM-T20 receipt printer in order to print to that printer
6. Once you select the IP address of the printer, a list of Epson printers will appear. Select the correct model of your Epson printer, the humble Till supports the Epson TM-T20, Epson TM-T20II and the Epson TM-T88
7. Once you have selected your printer, the selected printer with the IP address will now appear in the top section of the screen. You can also do a Test Print to see if you have connected to the correct printer
8. Once your Printer is set up, you can now complete sales and a receipt will print from your receipt printer when a sale is completed.
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