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Customising Your Store


Once your log in has been created you will need to start customising your store. Any updates to Products, Suppliers, Users and Categories need to be done on the humble webTill.

The first step is to add the product categories - Select the Settings tab at the top right hand side of the screen, then click on the Categories tab on the list on the left hand side. Categories you create are the individual groups that your products will be allocated to . 

2. Adding suppliers to store is next . Click on Suppliers tab, here you will add the names of the specific suppliers you order stock from.
3. Adding the products - Click on the Products tab on the list on left hand side of your till . Now you can start adding  your products to your store . A pop up to create your product will appear , the information needed to load a product is :

- SKU - this is the “Stock keeping unit” , a unique code that you will allocate to each product. As barcodes can vary, the SKU allows you to identify products. This code can be alpha numeric but cannot contain special characters. 

- Description - the actual name or description of the product 

- Category - when you click on this line it will bring up the list of categories you created previously, and you can link that product to its category.

- Serial Product - if the store has certain items that have serial numbers you can tick this line, when ringing up the item in a sale the till will prompt you to enter the serial number of the product. This is not a compulsory field.

- Cost Price - enter in the cost price 

- Inclusive Price - Enter the selling price of the product (including VAT if applicable)

- Product Type - You can select the type of product e.g Quantity Product, Weight Product or Virtual Product

- Tax - Here you can set the tax type on your products at either Standard VAT 14%, Zero Rated VAT 0% or No VAT 0%

4. Once you have entered all the details about the product select Save, your product will now appear in your product listing. To add the next product select Add Product .

5. Creating your customers is the next step - select the Customers tab from the list on the left hand side of your till- here we add the names of any customers that buy from your store on account and pay later. Click on Add Customer tab, then fill in the details of your customer and select Save, additional customer accounts can be loaded onto the till later if necessary. 

6. Adding and creating users or cashiers - select the Users tab from the list on the left hand side and click on Add User. This is the place where you will add your additional users or cashiers, so they will have their own log in details for making sales.

7. A pop up screen will appear, here you can customise the cashier or users log in . You will be able to define what sections of the till they will have access to when they log in using their email or unique cashier pin that humble will create for you. Once you have completed details click on Save.


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