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Completing A Cash Up On Your humble Android Till


At the end of your day, please follow this step by step guide on how to complete a Cash up on your humble Till.
TIP: Before starting a Cash Up on the till please ensure you have done the following
  • Counted all the cash in your cash drawer
  • Set aside your Float
  • Tallied all Card slips
  • Tallied all Payouts slips

We recommend that all Card and Petty Cash slips be kept in the cash drawer or on a “spike” near the till to ensure that they do not get lost. This makes it easier to tally the slips and check everything if there is a difference in the cash up.

1. In the humble Till, navigate to and click on the Cash Up tab.


2. You will have the option of processing either a Store Cash Up or a Cashier Cash Up. Store Cash Up will be one cash up for all your cashiers and Cashier Cash Up will allow you to select a cashier and do separate cash ups for each cashier.

3. If you select Store Cash Up, the till will ask you to enter the total cash amount, not including your float. To continue select Next

If you select Cashier CashUp, a list will appear with the names of all the cashiers who have made sales. Select the cashier you would like to Cash Up. 

You will then be asked to enter the total cash amount for that cashier, not including the float.
4. After clicking next, you will be taken to the Cash Up Summary screen. Here you will be able to view your cash up totals and any differences you might have. The totals for your Card sales, Account sales, Pay Outs and SnapScan sales will pull through automatically to the cash up


5.  If there is a difference in the Cash up, the declared amount will show in red as seen in the image above. Should a user change the declared amount in the Cash Up, a warning will appear on the screen and this action will be recorded on the Staff Audit Log report
6. If you would like to cancel the Cash Up, click on the Cancel Cash Up button on the bottom left of the screen. If you would like to complete the Cash Up, click on the Complete Cash Up button on the bottom right of the screen. You also have the option of adding a note to the Cash Up.

7. When you click Complete Cash Up, a Differences Report will appear. Here you will be able to see a Summary of your Cash Up totals as well as any differences you might have had on the Cash Up. 


8. You are able to either print the Cash Up Report for filing or send the Cash Up Report via email.
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