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Adding ingredients to your products on the humble Till:

In your store you might have products that you sell which are made up of different products such as a Gift Set with multiple items in it or a Variety Pack with different variants of the same product.
The humble Till allows you to create an item and include the ingredients that make up the final product. 
To start click on the Settings Tab.

Next click on the Products Tab.
Ensure that you have created all of the products on your humble Till. The ingredients you will be adding need to be created as stand alone products before you can add them to your final product. 

Important: If you are adding weighted products such as sugar and coffee or liquid products such as milk as ingredients, we recommended that these items be created with whole weight measurements e.g coffee and sugar can be added in kg's and milk in litres.

By doing this it will make it easier to book in and keep track of stock. When adding these items as ingredients you are able to enter them as decimal quantities e.g from 1kg of sugar, you can add 10g of sugar as 0.010kg or 25ml of milk as 0.025L.

Select the product you want to add ingredients to. To start adding Ingredients, navigate to and tap on the blue Add to the right of the No Ingredients.



A screen will appear where you can now select the ingredients to add to the product. Tap "Add Ingredient" at the bottom of the screen




Your Product List will pop up onto the screen. Select the item you want to add as an ingredient by scrolling through the list or using the search bar. Once you have selected the item you need to enter the quantity of the item you are adding as an ingredient.

As mentioned in the points above, you are able to add quantities as decimals e.g 10g of coffee as 0.010kg, 15g of sugar as 0.015kg and 25 ml of milk as 0.025L.

To save the ingredient and quantity to the product, Click on the box under the quantity column, change the quantity based on how many of this item is needed for the ingredients and tap "Set Quantity".






You can add as many ingredients as you need to on the item. Once they are all added, tap Close in the top right hand corner to save.

If you need to delete an Ingredient, tap on the Ingredients line in the item details. You will be taken to the Ingredients screen.

Tap on the Red Bin found next to the item to delete Ingredient and the item will disappear from the ingredients list



When you complete a sale using the final product, the till will automatically deduct the quantities of the items used as ingredients. In the images above Product Eight is made up of 2 ingredients - 5 x Product Four and 1 x Product One.

When Product Eight is sold, the humble Till will will then deduct5 x Product Four and 1 x Product One from the stock on-hand quantity of each item.




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