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Cash Up not balancing ? Here are a few tips:



If your Cash Up does is not balancing and you are either over or under, here are a few tips to help in trying to identify the cause:

To start re-count the cash in your Cash Drawer and ensure that the float amount was deducted correctly.

Run a Cash Up Reprint report, to check when was the last completed Cash Up, it may that a cash up was not completed the day before.

On the Cash Up Reprint report, you can select the option to include Tender details for the cash up. This will give you a list of each sale that was included in that particular Cash Up.

If you are doing a Store Cash Up, there could have been an outstanding Cashier Cash Up which is now included.

N.B. A Store Cash Up will include ALL the sales for all users on the till in one cash up. A Cashier Cash Up only accounts for the sales made by one specific user. If you have any outstanding unprocessed Cashier Cash Ups, those sales will be included if you click on Store Cash Up

Check and see if any sales were done after the last cash up was processed, as these sales will be included in your current cash up. To do this you will need to check what time the last cash up was processed by running a Cash Up Reprint report, then run a Sales Audit Trail report to check if there were more sales done on that day after the cash up was processed.

Add up the slips for your Card sales, add up the slips for your Account Payment receipts (cash and card separately), add up the slips for your PayOuts (Petty Cash), check these totals against the totals that appear in your cash up

Run a Sales Audit Trail report then add up the Cash, Card and Account sales separately. Once you have these totals, add up the Cash amounts and Card amounts for Payments Received on Customer Accounts. Add these to the Cash and Card totals from the Sales Audit. Add up the amounts for PayOuts (Petty Cash) processed. Subtract this total from your Cash total. Check that the Cash and Card figures you have, match the totals on the Cash Up

Run a Sales Daily Summary report and compare these totals to the totals you got from the Sales Audit and the totals on the Cash Up

Run a SnapScan payments report, check this to see if the total matches the amount showing on the cash up

Run a PayOuts report, check this to see if the total matches the amount showing on the cash up

Run a Staff Audit Log report, here you will be able to see:

  • If a cashier changed the figures on the Cash Up
  • Cancelled a Store cash up or Cashier cash up
  • Every time the cash drawer was opened outside of a sale
  • If the till went offline and when it came back online.

If you process Cashier Cash Ups, ensure that the cashier is not cashing up under another cashier’s name.

If you are able to account for the difference in the cash up, you can add a note to the cash up for future reference.

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