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How To Reverse A Payment Received On A Customer Account



There are instances where you might need to process a reversal of a payment received, this might be because of an incorrect amount or incorrect tender type selected. Follow the steps below to process a Customer Payment reversal.

1. On the mail till screen, select Payments, then select Receive on Customer Account.


2. Select the correct Customer from the list


3. Enter in a reference for the reversal- ensure that you include the reason for the reversal


4. Enter in the amount you are reversing as a negative e.g. -100 or -300 depending on what the original amount was set as


5. Select the same tender type as the original payment.


6. Once all the details are entered, select Accept Payment


If the reversal is done on a different day from the original sale, the reversal will affect your Cash Up for that day. You can add a note to the Cash Up for future reference to account for the difference

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