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Removing Items On Your Humble Till




If you have items that you will no longer be selling from your humble Till, you are able to remove these items by marking the items as Inactive. Follow the steps below to deactivate items on your humble Till.


1. Select Settings, then select Products. Your item list will appear on the screen


2. To select the item you would like to remove from your till, click on the item name to open up the Item Edit screen.


3. Towards the bottom the screen you will see a green box with a tick with the words “Active Item” next to it. If you would like to deactivate the item click on the tick to remove it, then click on Save.

4. The deactivated item will no longer appear in your list and will no longer appear on your till.

5. If you would like to see the Inactive items on your item list, click on the box next to “Show Inactive Items”


6. You will then be able to see a full list of all your items, including the items marked as Inactive.

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