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What to do if your Socketmobile Scanner is not scanning:

Make sure that your Socketmobile Scanner is charged ?

Check and see if One Scanner is appearing on the bottom banner of your Till screen ?




Next, check that the Scanner is paired and connected via Bluetooth in the Settings App of the iPad.

If the scanner is still not working, you can scan the Factory Reset barcode as seen below (this barcode is available in your Socketmobile Quick Start Guide - Which is attached below.



Once you have scanned the Factory Reset barcode the scanner will beep a few times and turn itself off.

On your iPad, you will need to "Forget" the paired scanner by accessing the iPad Settings, selecting Bluetooth, selecting the "i" icon next to the device name and then selecting "Forget This Device".

This will remove the paired scanner and allow you to re-pair after the Factory Reset.



After you have factory reset the scanner, you will need to turn the scanner on and then scan the barcode to enable iOS mode from the Socketmobile Quick Start Guide.



You can follow the same steps listed in the following article to pair your scanner with the iPad.

Once paired, you can log into your humble Till and check if the scanner appears on the Till screen.

If you are still having trouble, please contact our support team on

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