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How To Configure Your Epson TM-T20 Printer for a Static IP:

If you use a Static IP on your network and need to configure your Epson Printer to this network, please follow the guide below to complete this:

Ensure your PC or laptop is connected to the Wi-Fi from your in-store Router.

Download the EpsonNet Config drivers by simply clicking here.



Once the drivers have downloaded successfully, click Run and accept all the prompts to install the EpsonNet Config drivers to your PC or laptop.

Turn your Epson Printer on and connect it to your Wi-Fi Router using an ethernet cable.

One the EpsonNet Config Tool is installed on your PC or laptop, search for and open EpsonNet Config on your computer.



Please wait a few moments whilst EpsonNet picks up your printer.

If the printer does not appear, ensure your printer is on and the ethernet cable is plugged into the router correctly and click “Refresh".



Once EpsonNet picks up your printer, click on the device (highlighting the device) and then navigate to and click on Configuration.



On the left of your screen, navigate to TCP/IP and click on the option Basic. Navigate to and click on “Manual”.  In the box marked “IP Address” enter your IP address and follow that by clicking on "Transmit" on the bottom of the page.




The settings will be transmitted to your Printer. Once the screen reaches 100%, you can click OK.



Once complete, the screen will now show your printer with the allocated IP address.

If you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact our support team on

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