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What to check if your Cash Drawer is not opening:


Check that the Cash Drawer is not locked with the key ?




Ensure that the Cash Drawer is plugged in to the correct port on your receipt printer.




On the humble iPad Till, check if the option to  “Use Cash Drawer” is ticked.

  • To do this select Settings > General > Receipt Printer Settings > Use Cash Drawer.
  • If you would like the till to bring up a prompt asking if you would like to open the Cash Drawer, you can also add a tick next to Prompt To Open Cash Drawer.




On the humble webTill, check if the option to “Open The Cash Drawer On Completion Of A Sale” is ticked.

  • To do this select Settings > General > Till Settings > Ensure that Open The Cash Drawer On Completion Of A Sale is ticked.




The Cash Drawer will only open when a Cash sale is completed or if a Petty Cash pay out is processed. The till does allow the option of manually opening the Cash Drawer when there is no sale happening, but should this happen it is logged and appears on the Staff Audit Log Report.







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