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Adding and selling serial product on your humble Till:

If you have stock items with Serial Numbers, adding these items to the humble Till is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to add Serial Products to your Till.

If you have not yet created the item on your Till, you can add the new product in Settings.

Click on the Settings Tab, followed by clicking on Products on the left hand side of the screen. To add a new product tap on Add Product in the top right hand corner of your screen.




Add the Product Details in the required fields. Please make sure that you select the Serialized at the bottom of the screen.

Once completed click on Save Product to add the product.




Once the item appears in your Product List, you can now add stock of the item by processing a Supplier Invoice. This is how you will save the Serial Numbers to the product.

To process a Supplier Invoice select Stock at the top of your humble Till screen and then select Supplier Invoice.



You will need to select a Supplier for the Supplier invoice.




You will also need to add a unique reference for the Supplier Invoice.




You can then tap on the Items line. On the next screen tap on search at the top of your screen, this will bring up your product list.

Select your Serial Product from the list.




The Serial Product will appear in Red on the screen.




Tap on the product and then select View Serials.




A new screen will appear, tap on Add a Serial at the bottom of the screen.





A pop up box will appear where you can add a serial number for the item. You will need to tap on Add a Serial for each serial number you need to add to the item.






The serial numbers you have added will be listed on the screen. Once you have added each Serial Number tap on Close in the top right hand corner of the screen.




You will notice that the Quantity of the item will update according to how many serial numbers you added to the item. Tap on the arrow to get back to the main processing screen.




When you have added all the items to your Supplier Invoice and would like to process the stock movement, you can tap on Process.

If you would not like to continue with the stock movement you can tap on Delete.

If you select the tab to Process, a pop-up will appear confirming if you would like to continue and Process the Invoice, select Process


Once the Supplier Invoice is processed, a Supplier Transaction Reprint report will appear.

You can email or print the report if you have an AirPrint enabled printer on your network, by simply tapping on the action key in the top right corner of your screen.




To check if the Serial Products have been saved to your Till, you can run a Serials In Stock report.

Select the Reports Tab, then scroll down select Stock tab and scroll down the list and select Serial In Stock.

You can select the Site as well as set a Filter if necessary, then tap on Run Serial In Stock Report.




The report will appear and show each item with the serial number.






To sell a serial item, select the Till Tab.

On your Till screen, add the serial product by either clicking on the product favorite tab, scanning the barcode of the serialized product or by selecting Add Product, which will bring up your entire product list.

Search for and then select the serial product from the list.



A pop up box will appear and request that you scan or enter in the serial number of the product on the screen.



Once you have entered the serial number, the item will then be added to the basket and you then continue and complete the sale.



If you have any questions or need help with anything, please do not hesitate to contact our support team on

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