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How To Include Or Exclude VAT On a Supplier Invoice:

If you are buying stock from a Supplier who is not registered for VAT, the humble Till gives you the option to either include or exclude VAT from the Supplier Invoice you are processing.

From the humble Till, navigate to and click on the Stock Tab.




Tap on the red Supplier Invoice tab. A grey block with the invoice will appear, tap on the grey block to open either a new or existing Supplier Invoice on the right hand side of your screen.




The supplier invoice will show a Total Excl. VAT. If you would like for the VAT to be added to the invoice, tap on Include VAT. If there is a blue tick in that line, a VAT amount will be added to the invoice.

Once you have selected your VAT option, press Process.

When the movement is processed a Supplier Invoice report will appear in PDF, and you can then use the action key in the top right hand corner to either print or email the report.




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