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How do I sell using Price Lists ?


The humble Till has the built-in functionality that makes it easier for you to run store-wide sales or provide special pricing to customers like VIPs or staff members. This is called Price Lists. You'll need to set up your price lists in the Products Tab (check out instructions here).

Once your Price Lists are set up, just add the product to the sale, and the price will automatically update. If the price is restricted to particular customers, it will not update unless that customer is added to the sale.

Once you have completed the setup above, selling to customers is easy.

First, ensure your Till screen is clear and ready for the next sale.

From the Till screen, add a customer who belongs to a specific Price List, followed by the products they wish to purchase.



You'll notice the products appear on the sell screen at the discounted price you specified in the price list.

If the customer wants to pay this off at a later date or you wish invoice it through Sage One, process the sale on Account. If you are taking payment immediately complete the sale as normal.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don't hesitate to contact our support team on

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