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Running sales using Price Lists on webTill:

Price lists are a feature in the humble Till that enable you to offer special pricing. These can be restricted to certain customers or stores, enabling you to have unique pricing strategies for your store. You can also automate the start and end dates of sales, which makes it easy to plan and set up in advance.

ImportantPlease note that Price Lists will not push from your humble Till to Sage One and vice versa.

 Once you set up a price list, the pricing will automatically apply for eligible customers and stores when you, or your sales team, process a sale on the Till screen.

What can I use price books for?

  • Target pricing to specific customers.

  • Target pricing for one store: Run a retail store or a wholesale store, or a special available in one store only.

  • Encourage your customers to buy more through tiered pricing: Offer a different price to customers who buy more than one of a product.

Setting up a new price book:

To set up a price list, click on Settings and then on the Products tab, and select the Price Lists option.

Click Add Price List.




Set a name for this Price List.




Customise the settings for your price list.




  • Customers - Select customers that the pricing applies to. This can be all customers or a specific group of customers.

  • Stores - Which stores the pricing applies to. This can be all stores or set too specific stores. 

  • Date Start - the date you want your pricing/sale to start. Leave blank to start immediately.

  • Date End - the date you want your sale/pricing to end. Your sale will run up to (but not including) this date. Leave it blank for an ongoing sale.

Finally, you need to add products to your price list. Click on Add Product in the right hand corner.

In the search bar, type the name or SKU of each product you want to add and find the correct product in the list that appears. Click on the product to add it.

Alternatively, scan the barcode of each product you want to add into the search field.




Each product will be added to your price list with its current selling price.




Adjust the pricing

Apply a discount percentage to each product or manually alter the selling price.

Set quantities

You can set minimum and maximum quantities - this enables you to restrict the number of items a customer can buy at a discounted rate/ price or require a minimum amount purchased to receive the rate.

You can add the same product to your price list multiple times. For example, you could set one price for 0-2 products purchased, and one price for 3 or more purchased. 




Editing an existing Price List:

To edit an existing price list, click on Settings and then Products and click on Price Lists on the top right hand corner and open the Price List you want to edit.

Click on the price book, and you can add or remove products, or simply change the discount or selling price.

Once you've finished editing the Price List, simply click on Close to save your changes.

Deleting a Price List:

To delete a Price List, click on Settings and then Products and click on Price Lists on the top right hand corner and open the Price List you want to delete and then click the rubbish bin and confirm that you would like to delete the Price List.




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