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Processing a Transfer In on humble Android Till:

A Transfer In will appear in your Stock Tab when a store under the the same company has processed a Transfer Out of stock to the store.
From the humble Till screen navigate to and click on the Stock Tab located at the top of the screen.


Once on the Stock page, you will see that there is an outstanding Transfer In ( It will reflect a number). Click on the Transfers In tab located on the left side of the screen.

The Transfer In will appear with the date and time it was transferred along with the unique reference. Click On the Transfer In.

Next, tap on Reference and enter in the unique reference in the space provided and click Set Reference.
After this, you can begin checking the item quantities on the Transfer In by clicking on Select Items.
Double check the quantity of each item on the Transfer In is what has been received at the store.
Once you have double checked all the item quantities and made sure that they are correct, navigate to and click on the Close located at the top right side of the screen.

To process the Transfer In navigate to and click on the Process button located at the bottom right side of the screen. A pop up box will appear, click Process to process the movement. 

Once you have processed the Transfer In, an automated PDF report will appear on your screen.

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