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Print a delivery note on your humble webTill:

​The humble Till allows you to print a delivery note for your sales. Follow the steps below to print a delivery note.


On the Till Tab of your humble Till, simply add the items that you would like to include in the sale for your customer.

You can do this by either tapping the product on your favourite screen, scanning the products barcode or by simple simply searching for and adding the product using the Add Product Tab.




To add a note, email address or telephone number to the sale (delivery note), simply tap on the 'pencil' in the top right hand corner of your sale basket. Once you have added all the details, simply click on OK to save.

You can also assign a customer to the sale (delivery note).

Simply click on Add Customer in the top left hand corner of your sales basket and from the drop down list of customers select the one you are doing a pro-forma or quotation for.




Once you have added any notes and or assigned a customer to the sale (delivery note), simply tap on the Pay button in the bottom right hand corner to proceed.




Click on the Print Delivery Note option which will then print either an A4 or slip from your receipt printer (A4 example attached.)




This includes the items sold and their quantities, however does not contain any pricing or sale totals on it.





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