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How to view your transactions in Adumo Clientzone:

Log into Clientzone by clicking here.




Click on My Transactions in the left hand side of your screen.




Arrange the specific date that you wish to review by clicking on the calendar on the From and To tab at the top.




Click on the Filter button next to Status if you wish to review different statuses of your transactions:

Filter Options:

Settled |  Pending |  Declined |  Refund |  Error

Click on the Filter button next to Issued By if you wish to review transactions from different issuers:

Filter Options:

Visa |  Mastercard |  Maestro |  Diners |  American Express




To search for a specific card number, click on the Filter button next to Card number and search using the last four digits of the card number


Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view your Total transaction value for the date range you selected or click on DOWNLOAD to export the data to a CSV File.



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